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GoldenWeb helps small and medium sized businesses thrive online with WordPress web design, SEO and digital marketing.

Websites, SEO and digital marketing can be overwhelming. The jargon and acronyms are confusing enough, let alone trying to understand which is the best option for your business. WordPress websites vs SquareSpace vs Shopify vs Wix… DIY vs offshore cheap freelancer vs all-in-one big agency… then there’s the CRM, mailing list software, branding, funnels, social media…and that’s not everything! 

At GoldenWeb I take the time to understand your goals and business, and what it is you’re trying to achieve.  You (most likely) don’t have limitless time or budget, so we can work together to prioritise what’s most important to do right away, and what can wait.

Unlike larger digital agencies, my goal is to operate a sustainable business by only taking on a select number of clients that I can put time and effort into. I’m passionate about every project I do, and work with you to make your website and digital marketing efforts succeed. I’m a Melbourne local (with clients across Australia) and I’m always open for a chat or email.

I’m here with you for the long haul –not just your website launch.

Caroline Golden

About Caroline

I’m a digital professional with 20 years of experience working in the web industry. From websites for some of Australia’s largest brands, to local businesses, non-profit organisations, education institutions and government, I’ve worked on them all!

Originally a librarian (and yes, I’m still a bookworm), my web career kicked off in the 90s when I built a web page for the library I was working at. One thing led to another, and I have never looked back. 

When websites were fairly new assets for organisations, often no one quite knew where “website managers”  should fit within the company structure. So in larger organisations I have variously worked in communications, IT and marketing departments;  I’ve also spent over 10 years working in the non-profit sector where I was pretty much all three departments rolled into one! 

When I’m not geeking out at my computer, I’m generally reading, listening to music, running, or dreaming about travel. Or any combination of the above.

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