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Website Rescue

Sometimes your website just doesn’t spark joy.

Maybe the links aren’t working. That image on your homepage is looking…well, not like it should. Maybe you have an Events page that is still encouraging people to turn up for something…in 2017.


“I Need Someone To Update My Website! Help!” 

If you already have a website but don’t have the time or knowledge to keep it up to date, you’re not alone!

So many small businesses get talked into launching a website built by a friend’s neighbour’s boyfriend…  it looks great for a month or two, then things start heading south.

The usual pattern seems to be this:

  1. Dude builds basic website
  2. Gets paid, launches site, everyone is happy
  3. Dude goes AWOL and can’t be contacted
  4. Website starts to go out of date and no one really understands how to fix it
  5. Someone at the company has a go, and breaks something

Website now is broken, outdated and vulnerable to hackers. First the “News” or “Events” page gets out of date…then a plugin stops working and the formatting starts looking odd…and ultimately not only do you have security issues leaving your site vulnerable to hackers, but you have a marketing tool which is actually making your business look bad. 

Don’t panic!

I can audit your website and recommend a rescue plan of action. Your website should make you proud, not give you a headache!

Even better, if you decide to book either a new website or ongoing website care plan, the audit is completely free of charge.