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Getting your website visible to your customers

It’s all well and good having an awesome new website –but what if no one can find it? SEO is the part art, part science of getting your website to rank as highly as possible in search results in Google and other search engines.

Of particular interest to small businesses is what’s known as Local SEO: ranking highly in search engine results pages or in the Google Map Pack when someone searches for “Clarinet lessons near me” or “Plumbers in Richmond”. These sorts of searches are becoming more and more common every year. 76% of local searches result in contacting or physically visiting a business the same day.

The truth is, no one can 100% guarantee you will end up #1 in Google search results for every keyword you want to target.– at least not without doing some fairly dodgy things that will most likely end with you being penalised by Google. SEO is a long play game, where it can potentially take months before you see results in your search engine rankings.

Should I hire an SEO freelancer or an SEO agency?

Great question!

An SEO company or digital marketing agency typically has a large team, which can include overseas subcontractors. Having many people work on your account can be beneficial , but it often comes with a higher cost and more of a cookie-cutter type of approach.

On the other hand, as a freelance SEO consultant, I offer a much more personalised experience. I limit the number of clients I work with so I can spend time on achieving the best results possible for your business.

Plus, I offer some extra perks that you might not get with a larger SEO agency. For example, I won’t lock you into a contract, I won’t take on clients who directly compete with each other, and I’ll always be 100% transparent with you about my strategies and tactics.

What’s involved in an SEO campaign?

First off, we would have a session where I learn all about your business, how it works, who is in it, what you do and why you do it. We work out what you hope to achieve and how we will measure success.

Next I’ll undertake a comprehensive site audit of your website and complete a competitor analysis to fully understand the current situation.

I’ll then come up with an SEO strategy that’s unique to your goals, but will include techniques such as on page SEO (content optimisation based off thorough keyword research), off site SEO and link building, technical SEO (such as speed optimisation) and local SEO.

Each month we’ll go over what’s been achieved and how we are tracking, so you have full visibility of the campaign and our SEO efforts at all times.

Who do you work with? 

I work with small to medium businesses in service industries. I don’t do ecommerce SEO (but am happy to refer you to colleagues who are SEO specialists in that area, so feel free to get in touch). 

What about Google or Facebook ads? And do you offer social media marketing?

Paid digital advertising and social media can be powerful tools to boost your marketing efforts. I have a small “virtual agency” of highly skilled Australian based freelancers who work with my clients and myself to provide you with comprehensive digital marketing services.

Whether you’re interested in Google ads or Facebook (Meta), our team has the expertise and experience to develop and execute effective campaigns that drive results.

If you are looking for social media management, we can help you create engaging content, develop a strong social media strategy, and manage your social media channels to help you connect with your audience and build your brand.

In all these cases I work closely with the other team members to ensure your website and your SEO strategy is working hand in hand with your paid advertising goals.